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A lightweight tool that will accompany you on your journey in the galaxy

--:: Elite Dangerous Dynamic Tracking ::--


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  • Why another tool?

​EDDT exists basically just because of my need of develop myself as a programmer. I just wanted to combine my favourite hobby, gaming, with the need of becoming a better programmer by using new programming patterns and languages.


But now I want to share my creation and see if other people like it as well


  • EDDT is not...

... having the knowledge of all data (like EDDB), it will only map your own travels through the universe, which makes it feel a bit

more like a personal exploration (Market data will be updated though, for personal explored stations)

​... a trading tool in the sence of making trade routes

... a route planning tool in the sence of planning your flight route

... yet finished ;)

  • Features of EDDT

Will provide you, automatically, with the current system information on screen as you fly throu ED universe such as:

  • Current System information
  • Stations in System
  • Commodities with prices in each Station
  • Ships in each Station
  • Your personal information for current System
    • Comments, Visits, Last visitation date
  • A Personal flight log
  • Make comments on a commander or system level
  • View your personal screenshots
  • Mission tracking with countdown timers




  • Aug 2, 2017 (DeathSpank) Added more relevant information
  • Oct 30, 2015 (DeathSpank) Updated information on this page
  • Oct 30, 2015 (DeathSpank) First revision


Goes to the guys and gals @ eddb and eddn

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