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EDTS - A collection of route decision maker tools for Elite: Dangerous.

I've made a route planner in Python which uses data from EDDB to produce routes for specified jump ranges.
It's also able to guess at optimal ways to visit a certain set of stations (a.k.a. the travelling salesman problem), as well as various other sort-of useful scripts. The functionality to create full routes between systems can produce significantly more optimal routes than the in-game route planner, although it often doesn't run quite as quickly.


List of tools - with links  - to the source code and detailed information.

  • edts: finds the optimal order to visit a set of stations, and can produce full routes between systems
  • close_to: finds systems close to others, optionally with constraints
  • coords: returns the coordinates of given systems
  • distance: finds the distance between two or more systems
  • find: searches for systems and stations by name, including wildcards
  • fuel_usage: determines the amount of fuel used by a series of jumps
  • galmath: gives an estimate of good plot distances in the galactic core

  • edi: an interactive interpreter to run all the above tools more quickly (without reloading the EDDB/Coriolis data)


Admin: It are all python scripts, so potentially they run on Mac and Linux as well. Need confirmation from the author. The tools have the potential to be used as a base for other tools as well. Did NOT enable the "With an API" flag for it atm. Not sure if in the current state the output of the tools is parseable enough.



  • Jun 30, 2022 (Dave247) Updated Frontier URLs
  • Jan 19, 2016 (wolverine2710) EDDB link now points to its EDCodex entry. Again set the release data
  • Jan 19, 2016 (wolverine2710) First revision


CMDR furrycat: submitted many patches for these tools, for which I am very grateful :) Onane: helped to investigate a very odd issue related to file size limits Bruski: helped in our ongoing fight against ever-increasing EDSM/EDDB data file sizes

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