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SRV Wave Scanner Object Identifier. The wave scanner identifies objects in two ways; radar sweeping (visual) and noise (auditory).

Now, what I've started doing is a website tool that aims to guide and assist all the SRV-buggy riding players out there, in identifying the different wave scanner signatures that you can encounter.

The wave scanner identifies objects in two ways; radar sweeping (visual) and noise (auditory). I've gathered a few of the most common signatures in both visual and auditory regards and put them together to something that hopefully is of help to you all.

You can find the tool at

Here's a screenshot of it

The tool is simple. You can do the following

  • Toggle a signature visually by clicking the checkboxes
  • Toggle the auditory signature by clicking the play buttons

This is also animated, so it has a sweeping scanner that passes over the scanner area, much as you would recognize from the SRV in-game. When the scanner sweep hits a signature, the audio for that signature will play, making it a bit more game-like.

There are some limitations, that I'm trying to address

  • Making it mobile friendly (this is currently mostly for desktop, but can still work on mobiles, although not the best experience)
  • The signature catalog both visual and auditory needs expanding
  • There needs to be nicer theming
  • Make it possible to toggle distance
  • Improve animations
  • Make audio work on i-devices
  • Fix the footer

I hope you'll have use for this, I've had some really good comments coming in from the Distant Worlds Skype chat and Google+ Elite Dangerous community, but I'd also like for you all to be aware of it.

I am _always_ up for suggestions to improve the tools I do publish, so please don't hesitate to speak your thoughts on how it can be made better.

Until next time, CMDRS



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