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.NET 4.x
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Elite:Dangerous Application


A tool that sends DMX commands based on in-game events, enabling you to set up light effects, strobes, smoke and even pyrotechnics. Ideal for the upcoming multicrew feature to enable real-life "bridge" setups.

This program works with cheap and ubiquitous DMX512-compatible USB interfaces (Enttec, etc). It reads the new "player log" file created by Elite Dangerous v1.7/v2.2 and higher, and allows you to script various DMX effects for the events happening in the game. In the simplest form, it can be used to control one or more DMX-compatible RGB stage/studio lights (which can be found on Ebay for as little as $30, search for "LED PAR DMX"). In a more complete setup you might include laser effects, strobes, and even smoke machines.


The release download comes with a pre-configured script for one or two sets of lights, as well as damage effects for a single smoke machine if you have one. 


v0.3 adds preliminary support for the Velleman VM116 DMX controller.



  • Jul 1, 2022 (Dave247) Marked as abandoned
  • Oct 30, 2016 (Toumal) Velleman VM116 compatibility added, DMX timing and performance improvement
  • Oct 10, 2016 (Toumal) Clarifications added
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  • Oct 10, 2016 (Toumal) First revision