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Long range route planner for exploration, passenger missions. Prioritises reducing number of jumps and number of trips to the galaxy map

Plotter Features


  • Waypoint routing, allows you to route via systems you may like to visit on the way (Sol to Beagle Point via Colonia and Sagittarius A*  or view it on the beta site)
  • Prioritises supercharged jumps
  • Breaks plots over 1000LY automatically
  • No maximum distance
  • No maximum jump range
  • If you do not wish to prioritise neutrons (and simply want a route breaking down into roughly 1000LY gaps) then set the efficiency to 100%
  • Display your route on a graphical map of the galaxy compared to the direct route so you can see how far from the straight line you deviate.
  • Allows you to find nearby "known" systems from rough coordinates (useful if the system you're trying to get to hasn't been visited before).
  • Display a map of known neutron stars in the galaxy to let explorers see where they should explore next


The tool will minimise the number of trips you have to make to the galaxy map (whilst also reducing the number of jumps you have to make).  For instance a trip from Sol to Colonia with a 40LY range normally would take 25 visits to the galaxy map and roughly 600 jumps.  With neutron boosting it comes down to 184 trips to the galaxy map (roughly 223 jumps at 50% efficiency).  Going up to a 45LY range it would be 25 visits to the galaxy map and 540 jumps.  With neutron boosting it comes down to 169 trips (200 jumps at 50% efficiency).


In order to use it just put in your start system and destination system and your jump range and hit submit.  It will then give you a list of star systems.  If there are back to back neutron stars within range it will use them.  if the next neutron star (it knows about) is too far away it will plot you to the best regular system to get to it from your supercharged jump range.  


Short story, 

  1. Put system into the galaxy map in game (PC users can click the "Copy" button and paste it)
  2. Click plot
  3. Jump until you get to the system
  4. [I the system is a neutron star, supercharge your FSD
  5. [Ike the next system on the list and go to 1


It does not currently take into account the requirement to stop for fuel or repairs to your FSD (This will come in time if the site is popular enough), so pay attention and make the odd detour to scoop when you're getting low on fuel or need to repair.  What I tend to do is jump until I have 1 jumps worth of fuel left and then route myself to a KGBFOAM star closest to the next neutron star I was heading to.  Because of a lack of data, it is also possible that it will route you via a neutron boost into a group of systems which you do not have the jump range to get out of, so please be a ilttle careful (this is mostly a problem with a very low base jump range).


It can take up to a minute to calculate a very long route through a particularly badly mapped area so be patient.  It will tell you if it has broken for any reason.


New features via the beta site at


  • Enhanced prospecting/body searching [url][/url].  Looking for a low gravity planet with Arsenic and Tellurium that is close to you, you can do that.
  • Road 2 Riches route planner [url][/url].  Head in a circular route scanning high value worlds for exploration data, or head out on a specific journey (perhaps from the bubble to Colonia) and scan high value worlds on your way.


Notes about the 2.4 upcoming galaxy map changes


For those who have been testing the beta, the plotter will be changing when 2.4 goes live (if nothing else changes in the meantime).


Since the galaxy map now automatically takes into account neutron star boosts, it means I no longer have to display intermediate stars.  This plotter does still generate better routes than the in game plotter (I tested from Arque to Eoch Flyuae YI-E c26-462 (Roughly 20k LY which is the max you can do in game).  


60% efficiency on my plotter gave me 362 jumps.  I didn't test too thoroughly altering the efficiency to see if there was a better one, there probably is.

With jet cone boost enabled the in game router gave me 578 jumps.


As such my site is still generates much more optimal routes (and IMO is faster, to plot, though you do have to visit the galaxy map more).  However the method of using the site will change when the new patch is released.




  1. Plot to next neutron star
  2. Jump x whatever
  3. Plot to intermediate star
  4. Jump
  5. Plot to next neutron star
  6. Jump x whatever


After 2.4 goes live the procedure will be streamlined (as you can now plot multiple jumps including boost):


  1. Plot to next neutron star
  2. Jump x whatever
  3. Plot to next neutron star
  4. Jump x whatever


As such it should drastically reduce the number of trips to the galaxy map when using my router.  The new Road 2 Riches router and the bodies features will remain unchanged (except for enhanced features already planned).




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