TTS4ED: speech synthesis for NPCs (and players)


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Standalone program that monitors the journal log for chat messages, and plays them back using the CereProc speech synthesizer. Features realistic-sounding radio comms, with 30+ voices, both genders, and a wide range of dialects and accents. Filters/effects can be fully disabled; playing only the (dry) speech audio making it suitable for users that have impaired vision or partial hearing loss. Under development, lots more features coming, including a proper GUI.

Note. under beta development. Please send more testers!



This standalone program will monitor the newest journal log file for incoming chat messages, and play them back using the CereProc speech synthesizer. It requires a CereCloud developer account (first 10000 characters per month are free), and a stable internet connection. The program will send chat massages from ED to the CereProc server, and then download an audio file of the synthesized speech (10-50kB size). This speech audio is then played back on your system with added effects/filters making it sound like real-life radio comms. Approx. 3000 voice phrases are already incldued, which will significantly reduce the need for purchased credits.


The current version is a console application, meaning it will run in a cmd shell. But you can easily just double click the exe and run it like that (recommended). You do not need to open a separate cmd beforehand.


The global hotkeys work without the need to have the program window focused/active (i.e. for VR or fullscreen mode).


Note: It should work with both German and French ED installations, but you'll have to disable the English voices to avoid unintelligible speech, as the program is designed for English ingame messages. As the majority of the TTS voices are English, you do not have many voices left to use for Fr/De, meaning this is not a good solution - unless you use the program due to vision/hearing impairment.


Another important note: does not support SAPI5, and there is no plan to add support for SAPI5 (or other local TTS engines). This software is for TTS web services only, giving it a much wider range of high quality voices to select from.


Apologies for the current state of the overly technical documentation, but it's still in its initial development stage. The documentation will be improved and more user-friendly once I have a GUI implemented, and users don't need to edit the ini file manually anymore.



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