MyCMDR - Companion Application


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Elite:Dangerous Application


MyCMDR is a simple application created on the Node.js framework, using Express to create the frontend via HTML and Javascript and to pass data back and forth between Server and Clients. It reads your Journal Logs and creates a CMDR class that stores all of your information and updates it realtime, which is then updated on the client also. This provides a clean way of exporting to any device and all of the work is done by your PC. You can access the client by connecting to the IP:PORT of the host machine (Typically the PC you're playing Elite on)



  • Jul 1, 2022 (Dave247) Marked as abandoned due to repo no longer existing
  • Aug 2, 2017 (MemoryPattern) Updated Description
  • Aug 2, 2017 (MemoryPattern) First revision