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Elite:Dangerous Application


EDEngineer is a Windows Application to track materials, data and cargo acquired in Elite Dangerous

The application can be run as a standard window or as a semi-transparent overlay over the game.  Access is via a hotkey and EDEngineer has the following headline features:


  1. A transparent overlay that runs continuously and updates in real time what your ship holds (based on logs outputted by the game)
  2. Shopping List, Thresholds, alerts for when a favourite blueprint is ready, and many other quality of life items
  3. Show/Hide the overlay based on a global shortcut (default is Control + F10)
  4. A tray icon where you can configure the shortcut and exit the overlay
  5. All blueprints available in a handy sortable grid which you can filter too
  6. Ignore/Favorite flags - Favorited blueprints that become available to craft trigger a Windows toast
  7. Persistent state : EDEngineer will remember which filters you applied and what blueprints are favorited/ignored
  8. Movable window mode and resizable panels (use the RESET button to reset the window location while in "unlocked" mode)
  9. Handles multiple commanders if you own multiple accounts
  10. Configure thresholds



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