Relative Mouse Toggle and Analog Axis Emulator for Mouse


Required software
FreePIE, vJoy
Compatible with release
Sources available
Supported languages
English en
GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


Switch on-fly between relative and non-relative mouse behavior, and finely tweak the mouse response.


This is a FreePIE script which, through vJoy, emulate two distincts mouse behavior at the same time (acutally three; more on this later...), permitting to switch on-the-fly between relative and non-relative movement. Also, it gently curves the emulated axis in a user definable exponential way, which provides a more organic feel.


How does it work

The script uses three pairs of axisç X, Y, RX, RY, Slider and Dial.


X and Y pair emulate a non-relative mouse behavior. It does not center itself automatically, unless when very near to the center, and it provide a FA-Off feeling also when in supercruise.


RX and RY, on the other side, emulta relative mouse behavior: it center itself whenever the movement stops, so it's usefull when fying FA-Off or for more precise movement, for example when mining, landing, etc...


Slider axis is used for SRV steering, and the Dial for SRV throttle.


Each axis can be easily configured at tweaked.


How to use it in Elite: Dangerous

FreePIE must be opened and the script loaded and running (F5). Before that, you must check for the correct input index in the script.


Elite: Dangerous usully recognize vJoy from mouse movement, but here we have three axis pair emulated at the same time, so it be difficult at first. I suggest to look at the example control binding provided in the repo.


For be able to easily switch from a behavior to another, I suggest to map the RX and RY axis as standard movements, and X and Y as alternate controls. Than, it just need to map a toggle and you are set.

Fly safe!


Background Information

It's something which the player community asked many time to Frontier for inclusion in the game, yet nothing was done at respect.


Thanks for the FreePIE and vJoy developers for the amazing tools they provided us!



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