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VMX Music system is a very advanced voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack. It allows you to grab music from services such as YouTube, Vimeo (and many others), use your own music playlists, audio files or our community made Music Packs (royalty free for cleared for streaming use) and assign them to in game events. You can of course also trigger the music directly from voice commands too. VMX 2.3 has a new event group system which allows you to assign music to different groups, for example one could be for film music, another ambient. You can switch between event groups with just 1 command. VMX can do so much more! It's insanely powerful!

Dark Nebula is my (now 4 year old!) project which provides both community made Music Packs composed by myself (CMDR Angel) and Miguel Johnson and software called VMX Pulsar which is a very unique and advanced voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack.


VMX Pulsar 2.3: VMX 2.3 has brought a lot of major changes, I have re-coded over 50% of the plugin from scratch to help accomodate the many new features. VMX allows you to add Music Packs which can be drag and dropped in and 'just work' with Elite: Dangerous and trigger with in game events. Just load up VMX, fire up Elite and go. Music will trigger with in game events such as docking, undocked, combat, exploration, on foot combat and many more. Completely updated for Odyssey support.

Music Packs also allow you to change mixes, want to remove percussion or vocals? You can! Change lead instrument or music's key? You can do that too! VMX Music Packs are incredibly powerful and are specifically composed for Elite.


What about your own music? You can drag and drop in your own playlists or audio files for use in VMX. Your own user music can be triggered by voice, navigate through tracks in a playlist, jump to specific tracks, get playlist details and of course, assign them to in game events. Now with event groups you may event have multiple music to event groups to cater for different music styles or moods. Perhaps you'd like to have one group for film music? You can assign film music style tracks to events in that group. Want another group in another music style? No problem. Assign music to events in a different group for that style. You can switch groups with just one command and sort them with an array of powerful sorting commands.


VMX Cloud True Audio Processing. This new feature lets you 'super slow' music by 50-300% by processing the sound in the cloud and sending it back to you. When listening to compatible music packs, simply say "super slow this" and the current track will be slowed down and have gentle fx applied, providing a chilled out effect to the music. Different parameters are applied each time you use it, so discover for yourself so really interesting music.


YouTube, Vimeo, Odysee, Facebook video and other video networks can also now be used for assigning music to events too! Simply say "add video to user music" to grab and convert music from those networks for use in VMX. From then on you can play the music on command or assign it to events within a group to trigger with in game events! Incredibly powerful stuff!


Internet Radio V2. Listen to internet radio with VMX, you can add your own stations, or use the preset ones, from LaveRadio, Radio Sidewinder and others. You can event assign an internet radio station to in game events if you wish!


Voice Expansions: Obsidian and and Holy (as Unity) provide voices for VMX Voice Expansions. These provide professional spoken voice feedback for VMX operation which make the experience so much better. Unity Pro Voice Expansion now also features helmet sound effects for use with Odyssey. Sound fx include helmet sound simulation which is great for immersion, but also Unity Pro adds radio static and gentle background audio interference to the voiceovers to provide a realistic experience of helmet to ship comms which sounds really fantastic.


VMX contains many more features, far too many to go through here. Check out the website and I'd love to hear from you, please do consider supporting this unique and amazing project.


Thanks for reading! This project has taken a huge amount of time and love, please do check it out!








  • Dec 13, 2022 (DarkNebula) Updates and releases discontinued, project has ended
  • Jun 12, 2021 (DarkNebula) Major update VMX 2.3. Brings Odyssey support, Cloud audio processing, music ripping from YouTube and event group system
  • Nov 22, 2020 (DarkNebula) Added new voice controlled auto update system, new installer, fixed bugs relating to assigning playlists to events & improved voice recognition pick for assigning playlists to events
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  • Sep 2, 2020 (DarkNebula) VMX version bump to 2.2.6 and Triangulum Music Pack support.
  • Sep 2, 2020 (DarkNebula) VMX version bump to 2.2.6 and Triangulum Music Pack support.
  • Aug 7, 2020 (DarkNebula) Compatibiliy with new Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion added. Bug fixes & various QoL tweals
  • Aug 7, 2020 (DarkNebula) Compatibiliy with new Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion added. Bug fixes & various QoL tweals
  • Aug 7, 2020 (DarkNebula) Compatibiliy with new Obsidian Ant Voice Expansion added. Bug fixes & various QoL tweals
  • Jul 5, 2020 (DarkNebula) Added OBS support for track info output, improvement to pack update system and various bugfixes & QoL improvements
  • May 22, 2020 (DarkNebula) New website and major software/music updates
  • Mar 19, 2018 (DarkNebula)
  • Mar 19, 2018 (DarkNebula) First revision


Angel, Shadow DK, Miguel Johnson.