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These Tools helps you with your level of Community Goal Contribution to get you into the next Tier level of Rewards. It shows current levels, and how many 'runs' and how long it will take to reach a tier. 'Should i make one more trade run?' ; 'Should i go get another $1M in Bounties'...

When you participate on a Community Goal, your level of contribution determines which Tier level of reward you are placed in.

eg 78 Tonnes Shipped puts you in TOp75%.


But, what if you knew that another 20 tonnes would move you into the Top50%, and hence another few $M Creds.


The Website shows the Tier levels and a rough calculation of the 'Boundary' between Tier levels. Its all based on Anonymous Community Goal Data collected either by Manual Input or by use of an automated collection agent. The Website also has a calculator for trade runs, so you can work out how man runs, based on your ship size, you need to make to reach a tier.


A Plugin ( CGThresholds)  has been written for EDMC, which automatically collects CG data and sends to the Google Sheets used to make the calculations. Simply Install EDMC and then the Plugin ( Instructions on EDMC< and the CGThresholds Plugin pages.)



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