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Python3.4+ , .NET 4.5
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GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


Trade Dangerous Helper v2 is an updated version of the tool originally written by WombatFromHell and is a GUI to the newly updated Trade Dangerous trading tool.

Trade Dangerous, the maddavo plugin and TD Helper provided suite of tools that allowed the user to locate profitable trade routes however all three projects languished and finally died early in  2018 with the demise of the maddavo website that provided the source of the price data.


Commnader eyeonus took up the challenge and created a new plugin for Trade Dangerous that linked to a server provided by Commander Tromador or the EDDB website as a fallback. Commander eyeonus also took over the maintenqance of Trade Dangerous.


This left TD Helper and Commander MarkAusten took this and updated it to run with the new Trade Dangerous and the EDDBlink plugin so that it now allows commanders with little knowledge of the Windows command line to use the Trade Dangerous tool. The missing options have been added as well as some enhancements.


In 2022, Cmdr JarangMandi took up the mantle to contiune keeping the plugin updated.



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Cmdr WombatFromHell, Cmdr Olklei, Cmdr Austen

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