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A free companion app for the ALD Powerplay community on Android.
Elite Dangerous: Arissa Lavigny-Duval is a free Android app for the ALD Powerplay community in Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments.

• Keep up to date with the latest targets for Fortification, Preparation, Expansion, Opposition and Undermining direct from the Emperor's Research department.

• Check the weekly Galactic Power Standings, updated every Thursday.

• Read the strengths and weaknesses of every power and the benefits of pledging.

• Connect with other members of the Powerplay community on Discord, Slack or Reddit.

• Follow the news from the wider galaxy on GalNet.

v1.1 Release Notes:
• added a dark theme
• added a splash screen
• fixed only one control system for cached Prep data
• fixed Next Cycle to prevent 1 days / 1 hours / 1 minutes


  • Menu Menu
  • Galactic Standings Galactic Standings
  • Power Details Power Details
  • Fortify Fortify
  • Prepare Prepare
  • Oppose Oppose
  • Settings Settings


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