Elite Observatory


Required software
.NET Framework 4.5
Compatible with release
Sources available
Supported languages
English en
GameApplication Windows
Elite:Dangerous Application


Search your journal for potentially interesting objects, or notify you of new ones on the fly while exploring

What even is this?
Elite Observatory is a small tool which can read and monitor your Elite Dangerous journal for objects which might be "interesting" so you can go take a closer look.

What is "interesting?"
A lot of things, potentially. Currently there are built-in checks for:

  • Landable and terraformable (might not be interesting to look at, but you can go there and dream of what might be!)
  • Landable with atmosphere (I know it can't happen.... but what if it did?!)
  • Landable high-g (>3g)
  • Landable large (>18000km radius)
  • Ringed landable
  • Orbiting close to parent body
  • Orbiting close to a ring
  • Shepherd moons (orbiting closer than a ring)
  • Close binary pairs
  • Colliding binary pairs
  • Moons of moons
  • Tiny objects (<300km radius)
  • Fast and non-locked rotation
  • Fast orbits
  • High eccentricity
  • Wide rings
  • Good jumponium availability (5/6 materials on a single body)
  • Full jumponium availability within a single system
  • Full jumponium availability on a single body (pretty sure this can't happen, but I'm watching for it anyway)


These checks are all individually toggleable if there are some you don't want to see.

I don't care about any of that!
Well, you can add your own. A set of user-defined criteria can be created so you can find the things you like. The caveat here is that I have not built a GUI for it, and the system for reading them is very crude at the moment (I'm working on it), so you'll be awkwardly editing xml by hand. When first reading your logs a sample xml can be created, inside which you can find documentation for modifying it.

You said it monitors, do I have to alt-tab constantly to check on what has been found?
No! You can enable pop-up notifications or text-to-speech!

Where do I get it?
Behold: https://github.com/Xjph/EliteObservatory/releases

Or for the test releases of a complete rewrite of the project: https://github.com/Xjph/ObservatoryCore/releases


  • Screenshot of main window (Observatory Core) Screenshot of main window (Observatory Core)
  • Screenshot of main window (Elite Observatory) Screenshot of main window (Elite Observatory)


  • Sep 6, 2021 (Vithigar) grammar
  • Sep 6, 2021 (Vithigar) Adding Observatory Core
  • Jan 18, 2020 (Vithigar) Fix release link
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  • Dec 4, 2019 (Vithigar) First revision


With thanks to all contributors, and special mention for /u/imathrowback on reddit, from whom the original idea for Elite Observatory came.