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ED Alerts allows you to create Elite Dangerous commodity market price alerts. Get notified via Discord when a specific commodity buys or sells above or below a certain value. Specify min supply/demand, pad size, planetary/fleet carrier etc. A must have for all dedicated traders!

A must-use tool for all dedicated Elite traders!


Using ED Alerts, you can create commodity price alerts based on a number of criteria, and be notified when those criteria are met across the market.


You can select any commodity that is traded on the commodity market, including rare commodities. Select whether you want to be alerted for the buy or sell price, whether you want to be alerted when the price rises above or falls below a certain value, and finally set the price that will trigger the alert.


You are also able to specify a minumum supply/demand level, depending on whether you are looking to buy or sell, minimum landing pad size, as well as whether or not to include planetary stations and fleet carriers.


Finally, enter a Discord webhook URL, an optional Discord user ID if you want to be @mentioned in alerts, select the desired frequency of your alert (from as-they-happen up to once every 5 minutes) and create your alert.


When your alert is triggered, a message will be sent to your Discord webhook containing the current price, the station and system the price was triggered in, the supply/demand level, the max landing pad size, and other useful information.


Alerts are delivered instantly, so you can be the first to capitalise on the market prices you are looking for - no longer will you have to search through databases to find the best price.



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