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Elite:Dangerous Application


An Elite Dangerous companion app to simplify finding unexplored worlds and provide the most useful information an explorer needs in real time as they plot their journey.
Greetings commander and welcome to EDScout; an Elite Dangerous companion app to simplify finding unexplored worlds. I got sick of jumping into system after system trying to find unexplored worlds to put my name to only to be disappointed because someone had already explored it. This tool is intended to help improve your odds of finding new and interesting systems and worlds to explore. Note that many systems out there have already been discovered by commanders who weren't running EDDiscovery / EDSM. Consequently there's no guarantee that the system you're about to leap into is definitely new, but it certainly improves the chances. Conversely, if you're looking for guarantees that systems you're jumping to will make some money with a bit of scanning, this will quickly show you some profitable route options (along the lines of the road to riches but with less typing).



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Jon Cage

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