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Ever feel like Elite Dangerous could become more for Passengers and Commander's Seeking Adventure amongst the stars? Well you could just hop into your ship and fly there, But what's the fun in that? Book your flight now and explore the cosmos in style! With group and 1-on-1 Telepresence flights as wall as odyssey support you can easily Soar towards something new.

Experience the next generation of interstellar space travel with Platinum Pegasus Travel Platform. An Roleplay Expereince Designed to be imersive, fun and memorible for players both new and old.



Is this a free service? - Yes! our services are completely RP based so if you ae a new commander with little fund or just seeking a joy ride across the gallaxy we got everything you could need to have fun in the game while expereincing the awes of this amazing universe. 


NOTE: While we do accept forms of payment using in-game currency, we do not reqiure customers to pay using this method exclusively. Plus New Commanders to our service are offered their 1st trip free as our introductory expereince regardless of distance and destination.


Can I pick any Destination in the game? - Yes, but within reason, Our commanders and pliots will reccomend places to go but it is completely up to you where we take you. Please keep in mind some of our vessels in our fleet may be unable to reach certain distacnes and destination given their limited jump ranges. Please be condierate and keep this in mind when booking our services.


Will you take me to Colonia and back? - Yes, but only if you and your guest are willing to pay for this long distacne journey. Many of our vessels are unable to reach colonia in a reasonable time frame. Therefore, we ask for a reasonable form of compensation for these types of trips.

If I do have to pay with in-game currency, what forms of payment are accepted? - We accept any form of high-value commodity as payment for our services. Since the ED markets are always changing these items can change in type, glactic prices and availablity. Our staff will advise you on the best payment method or commodity of choice upon completion of your trip.

Can I pre-pay for my trip in advance? - While we strongly reccomend you pay afterwards, this is complety up to you. The reason why we suggest that you complete payments after your trip is to ensure your satification. We feel it is important to have our customers feel they recived the best quality services we can offer. If you were to pay beforehand we would feel poorly if we didn't offer you a satisfing expereince.

Are Refunds offered for your services? - While payments are ussually completed after the expereince, we will provide our customers a simple survey to assess their expereince and allow you to provide us with feedback so we can improve our services. If you are not completely satisfied with your expereince we will gladly work with you to figure somethign out wether that be a future complimentary trip voucher or a full refund. We are allways looking to ensure your happiness and enjoyment of the game.

Do you offer walking tours and exobilogy expereinces? - Do Thargoids look like flowers?... Yes we do offer these tailored services to all customers. Ask your booking agent for details. 


What if I have no Roleplay expereicne? Can I still partake? - Certainly! We have designed our RP expereicnes to be adaptive and our trained pilots and staff will work with you to help you either learn to RP or simply have a memorible moment in the game. No expereicne is reqiured to particpate as we support all skill levels from newcomer to pro. Plus if you have questions, you can always ask our staff.


What makes this diffrent from Apex? - We think our services are superior to Apex sicne we offer fully imersive expereicne and we like to think of ourselves as not another taxi service but as an expereicne. Thi sis what sets our services apart from Apex. While a majority of our inspiration was founded on Apex, we have learned to grow and adapt our servcies to create the ultimate RP travel expereicne.


How is my data used? - Your security is cretical to us and therefore, any data found on our booking site which users submit, is stored for up to 1 week on our database before the information is purged and deleted forever. We will never collect information that is not needed. Therefore, information collected such as emails and contact information is used strictly for commuinication and scheduling purposes. As a cybersecurity professional, I beleive in honsest transparent security and will never compromise anyone's security or privacy for this very reason.


Our virtual booking website enables commanders to travel to select destinations and key points of interest inside and outside the bubble. This custom website is fully immersive and offers travelers a unique RP-based experience from the moment you book your flight online using our virtual ticketing system to the completion of your journey! Everything is seamlessly integrated to enhance the RP and imersive expereince. You'll even recieve a confirmation emial when you book your flight.

NOTE: Your Privacy is parmount and importan to us. We do not collect information nor share it outside the website. Plus we will never spam our customers/travelers EVER!


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