Galnet News (Discord Feed Bot)


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Node.js (if you want to modify or run your own instance)
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Elite:Dangerous Application


This bot allows you to set up a Discord channel to get the latest Galnet News feeds.

You'll want to check out the GitHub for the latest information on the Discord bot.

And I couldn't really check it in the settings, but it uses the official API provided by Frontier Developments at


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  • Sep 3, 2023 (AndrewJ18Larson) Making details up-to-date.
  • Apr 22, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Fixed issues that arise from trying to DM the bot
  • Apr 18, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) New updates: minor formatting fixes, and less chances of servers not getting their automatic feed posts
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  • Mar 31, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Updated the bot again, fixed issues with trying to mention roles even when the bot has permissions to mention everyone.
  • Mar 31, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Updated the bot again
  • Mar 31, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Added thread link
  • Mar 31, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Added info about another library I started to along with new update version number
  • Mar 30, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) just some capitalization of something
  • Mar 30, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Changed info about the API it's using.
  • Mar 30, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Added my website
  • Mar 30, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) Changed what the links are categorized as
  • Mar 30, 2021 (AndrewJ18Larson) First revision


I used the following node.js libraries to create the app: * discord.js - A powerful JavaScript library for interacting with the Discord API. * node-fetch - A light-weight module that brings the Fetch API to Node.js. * rss-parser - A lightweight RSS parser, for Node and the browser. * html-to-text - An advanced html to text converter. * moment - Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript. * moment-precise-range-plugin - A moment.js plugin to display human-readable date/time ranges. * sync-rpc - Run asynchronous commands synchronously by putting them in a separate process.