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EDCoPilot is a virtual assistant. Use it with VoiceAttack or via its UI. Over 30 panels including an external bookmarks management, course and route plotter and location searches. Display the UI in your VR headset using overlay software like Desktop+ (free on Steam). UI has same design as in game ship panel so merges nicely. Best with second monitor if non-VR, or you can use it touch enabled on a tablet if you use SpaceDesk as a virtual second monitor. Voice is optional. Uses Windows TTS, Amazon Polly, Microsoft Azure TTS or Google Cloud TTS to talk.

EDCoPilot is a virtual assistant for Elite Dangerous. Think of it as an “Alexa-in-space”, but with attitude!

Imagine EDCoPilot as an AI installed in your ship that you can request information from using voice commands or via its UI, and that will tell you information as you go about your day in the 34th century.


EDCoPilot was originally created for VR users to minimise the need for Commanders to take their headsets off to find external information or to type in system names in the Galaxy Map. 


It's navigable UI means it also works great for non-VR users with a second monitor, with or without voice commands!

VR users can display the UI in their headset via overlay applications such as Virtual Desktop (Oculus users), Desktop+ (free on Steam), OVRDrop or OVRToolkit. 



Manage bookmarks (organise in folders, apply filters, make notes), and set course using voice or via button click

Location searches via voice or button click, and set course using voice of via button click

Display reference information on Bodies and Stations in system, mining history, discovery estimator

See Engineer status, blueprint requirements and crafting lists vs materials in hand

Session Progress displays for Combat, Mining, On Foot or Surface Mining

See past activity in a system (System History)

See current event log summary

Voice Log - displays all items EDCoPilot has spoken this session

Inventory displays for Ships, Stored Modules, Materials, Suits, Suit Loadouts, Weapons

See ship stats and loadouts for each of your ships

Many in game announcements especially during NPC combat (remembers NPC history and displays previous encounters)

Profanity Mode!  Makes NPC combat much more fun!

Many Settings for Announcements

Event driven music player for Combat, Exploration and Docking

Select Windows TTS voice by name, or switch to Google Cloud Text To Speech voices (requires you set up a Google Cloud account and configure the service for use)

Route plotters for Neutron Highway, Fleet Carrier and Road 2 Riches

Guidance Computer to provide directions to a Lat/Long coordinate on a body's surface



  • UI displayed in VR headset UI displayed in VR headset


  • Jan 28, 2022 (razzafrag) Added info on using SpaceDesk to make your tablet a second touch enabled monitor.
  • Jan 28, 2022 (razzafrag) Added Azure TTS support
  • Dec 9, 2021 (razzafrag) Added Amazon Polly and edit bookmark notes features
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  • Nov 16, 2021 (razzafrag) Added Discord and Facebook links, updated description
  • Nov 16, 2021 (razzafrag) Fixed Author name !
  • Nov 16, 2021 (razzafrag) First revision