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A utility for bounty-hunters to find useful mission/target system pairs, and enjoy interesting bounty statistics.

Imperial Navy Intervention and Rescue presents INTRA, a service designed to help bounty-hunters locate valuable pairs of systems for accepting and completing pirate Massacre missions.


The primary goal of the INTRA Search utility is to find a Shop system with as many useful factions as it can, from which Massacre missions can be obtained, all of which concern a single Arena system with good places to hunt.

  • Eligible system pairs are tracked constantly by monitoring EDDN faction activity over time.

  • Pairs are ranked by accounting for the number of useful factions, Supercruise distances, CNB/RES presence and Powerplay effects.

  • Many further options are available for filtering the Shop and the Arena, and using Hyperspace distance to affect the ranking.

  • Searching just for a loose Shop or Arena system is also supported.


Arena data is gathered via the INTRA Agent, a plug-in for EDMC or any compatible Journal service. The plug-in reports the CNB statuses of systems you visit, and also any RES signals discovered.


The plug-in also reports bounty claim statistics, categorised by the target Starship type and pilot rank. They consider whether a Kill Warrant Scanner is used, and separate the bounty claims into the local and foreign parts.


INTRA produces the hourly snapshot of its Arena data and offers a search API for anyone to use.



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  • Oct 30, 2022 (Aleksandra) Added API information
  • Oct 24, 2022 (Aleksandra) Introduced some additional link descriptions.
  • Oct 24, 2022 (Aleksandra) First revision

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