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News & updates

Official -- 3rd Party Devs Submission Form

biobob May 2, 2017
Subscribe to the Frontier contact list.

You are a developper of a 3rd party tool ?

please fill this contact form on the official Forum.

SITE UPDATE -- Improved Announcements

biobob Feb 1, 2016
Add a sidebar for multiple news sources.

Three new items in Annoucements sidebar:
1.the last message from the Dev (use multiple RSS sources for FD Forum & twitter),
2.latest submitted entries on EDCodex,
3.Hot threads on reddit.

Open Letter to Frontier

AnthorNet Dec 28, 2015
An open letter to get some news from Frontier Developments about the official API

Please check it here and support us.

SITE UPDATE -- Seasons content

biobob Dec 24, 2015
Add "Seasons" util in "Toolbox" section.

Small tool to track related content from Reddit & Youtube for each Elite: Dangerous Seasons.


biobob Nov 15, 2015


biobob Oct 13, 2015
Elite: Dangerous ships list and related content

Add the new "Ships" utility in the toolbox menu:

list of all ships with filters and basic data (using some json files from coriolis.io),
detailed page for each ship with related thread on reddit & videos on youtube (using API)
- direct links to fit each ships on existing ED fitting tool (coriolis, edshipyard & roguey).

SITE UPDATE -- the "Toolbox" section.

biobob Oct 4, 2015
ED Timeline & Sig generator

Today we open a new section for EDCodex: the "Toolbox". 
We will try to fill it with new features to navigate throughout EDCodex entries in a different way. A little amount of new modules are in progress, we hope some of them will be useful to discover new contents for Elite. This week we released the two first tools for the new Toolbox section:

E: D Timeline: A timeline of Elite: Dangerous major releases with a list of related submitted entries. I try with this new feature to give an summary of useful thing to know for each release.

Signature generator: Not related to EDCodex entries but an member of the community ask for it: a Signature generator for users who want to support EDCodex (or for those who will find our sig nice).
There is two kind of sig:  1. the main EDCodex banner, 2. a personalized banner to fit to your Cmdr profile.

SITE UPDATE -- Live streamings

biobob Oct 4, 2015
Live streams on Twitch

EDCodex updated with a new feature: current live streams on Twitch (updated every 10mins)
Live Streams can be filtered by language or by keyword (Exploration, CQC...).

Site update -- "Most popular" feature

biobob Sep 17, 2015
New feature -- Popularity

Now it's possible to sort entries by favorites popularity. Explanation: It was already possible, for registered users, to add entries as favorite to their favorites list in their personal space - one of the perks of having registered and being logged in. Now for each entry we can see how many people have added that entry as favorite.
In addition on each entries list (ie all, trading, logbook) its now possible to sort entries by popularity. In a way its an indicator of how popular an entry is. 

EDCodex 1.0 has been publicly released

wolverine2710 Aug 17, 2015
EDCodex Launch!
EDCodex public release on the 17th of August

We are very proud to announce the official release of EDCodex on the 17th of August. Work on the website started in March and finally the wait is over. Entering all entries manually has been an enormous timesink. The pre-release phase was succesfull. No issues were reported by the invited authors. Quite a few authors have edited their entry/entries. Also a few feature requests have been made. Most have been implemented by biobob, one is currently on the roadmap.



Edcodex pre-release phase started on the 6th of August.

wolverine2710 Aug 17, 2015
Authors of entries in EDCodex have been sent an invitation to edit their entries before release.

On the 6th of August EDCodex.info entered the pre-release phase. Purpose: invitating all authors who have an entry in edcodex (all entered manually by the two admins) to edit,enhance their entries before release, providing feedback, make feature requests (perhaps info fields are missing). On the 6th and 7th of August all Tool authors received an invitation by PM. On the 8th and 9th of August all other authors have been send an inivitation. We still have a handfull authors for which we haven´t been able to track down their name. Should you find such an entry and you know the author please contact us so we can send an invitation. Most entries have set the author name to edc_ubknown.

Site update -- 10th of August

biobob Aug 10, 2015
New feature -- Images for entries

Now it's possible to add one or more images with optional captions on entries. At this time, we don't host images (we've think about it, maybe later) but it's possible to add some links of images hosted on a external service.

Site update -- 9th of June

wolverine2710 Jun 10, 2015
Site update: Moderating entries.

On each entry for moderators and admins we got a button to enable/disable the entry, moderator got an acces to a limited admin menu : only history and a new page : moderated tools so new page in admin to see all moderated entries, in history and moderated tool add a link on each entry to directly go to the entry. So moderator accounts are now fully functionnal. Add a new sort : most updated tool (a tool updated multiple times the same will be count as one single up

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