Application Program Interface (API) (4)

Set of tools to helpĀ developersĀ to build their own app or submit data to a global database. Currently covered: Market data, 3D coordinates for systems and stations, outposts and Ship yard info. EDDN will soon distribute Ship outfitting info as well.

Commanders log manual and data sample

Official JSON dump from Frontier for commanders log 3rd party app

Updated : Jul 27, 2016

Powerplay cycle data

Weekly data for Powerplay:

Zac Antonaci
Updated : Jan 23, 2016 1

System Mapper

System Layout Editor

Updated : Oct 11, 2015 2

[PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] External API Requirements Thread

Thread to discuss the requirements needed by third party authors for the official ED API.

Michael Brookes
Updated : Apr 24, 2015 1