[PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] External API Requirements Thread


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Thread to discuss the requirements needed by third party authors for the official ED API.

Hi everyone,

Following up on our plan to investigate support for third party apps utilising game and player information we’re starting with the requirements capture. In this thread we will compile the wish list for the types of data people would like to see available from an API available to external apps. If you have a specific app in mind then that can make a useful test case to accompany the data requirements – it’s always useful to see real world examples of how the data is to be used.

This same process will also help guide our plans for our own apps and so we’re pausing development of expansion of the Android and Windows Phone versions of our existing Companion App until this process is complete.

Please note that this thread isn’t about discussing the merits of third party apps.

We’ll leave this thread open until February 16th. After this point we’ll review the information and put together our initial proposal. This will cover two aspects: the first is the technical design for the API and the second is the procedure for using this data. During this process we’ll also invite people based on participation in thread and other communications to form a small working group.

When the proposal is ready the private group will provide feedback on the plan, and will go on to assist in testing the system and the associated procedures as appropriate when we enter development of the API.

We’ll keep you informed as we progress and thanks in advance for your participation in this!




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