Tools for external devices (6)

Voice recognition, head tracking, joystick settings, ...


Gamcro allow you to send input from networked devices that can run decent web browsers to your E:D gaming machine

Updated : May 22, 2021

Minimal Elite Dangerous Launcher

Cross-platform launcher for the game Elite Dangerous. Created mainly to avoid the long startup time of the default launcher when running on Linux. Can be used with Steam and Epic on both Windows and Linux.

Rfvgyhn (Chris)
Updated : Apr 20, 2021 2


Create, and optionally share, a printable reference card for your game controller, joystick or HOTAS from your bindings file. Get new ideas for bindings by looking your device in the list of published bindings.

Updated : Dec 8, 2019 8

Keyboard and HOTAS Reference Sheet Generator

Generates a graphical reference sheet for the keys and HOTAS setup used.

Updated : Jan 31, 2016 16

Elite Dangerous Controls Reference

A script to display a visual map of the game controls configuration from your Custom.binds file.


Updated : Sep 26, 2015 7

ED-IT: Elite Danger Immersion Toolkit

Currently a NodeJS server (to be shipped as a packed exe) this tool is a small server that watches your Status.json and journal files to produce a state that can be viewed in the state viewer with lots of rich...

Tane Piper
Updated : Jul 1, 2022 3