Tools for external devices (5)

Voice recognition, head tracking, joystick settings, ...


Create, and optionally share, a printable reference card for your game controller, joystick or HOTAS from your bindings file. Get new ideas for bindings by looking your device in the list of published bindings.

Updated : Dec 8, 2019 8

Keyboard and HOTAS Reference Sheet Generator

Generates a graphical reference sheet for the keys and HOTAS setup used.

Updated : Jan 31, 2016 16

Elite Dangerous Controls Reference

A script to display a visual map of the game controls configuration from your Custom.binds file.


Updated : Sep 26, 2015 7

ED-IT: Elite Danger Immersion Toolkit

Currently a NodeJS server (to be shipped as a packed exe) this tool is a small server that watches your Status.json and journal files to produce a state that can be viewed in the state viewer with lots of rich...

Tane Piper
Updated : Jul 1, 2022 3


Macro automation tool for Elite: Dangerous. Works on Android or any modern browser. Redone the whole project, website and code hosted in Github now.

Sami Ylönen
Updated : Jun 30, 2022 3